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Subscription app


Revu token

My precious!💍
Soon, in September, Revuto enters the money market and you have the option to buy their 'shares' or the more popular currency-coin (Revu).Here's what you need to know:

• download the Revuto app (coming out 1st August, 2021)

IMPORTANT!! - KYC required (selfie, ID/passport, utility bill)

• our REVU token will be released in September with a starting price of € 0.1 and the later price will be decided by the market

• here I see our opportunity where we can buy REVU directly on the app and wait for our app to work

Our Revuto is so popular in the crypto world that it shocks the data where € 10 million was collected in just 30min in 3 purchases so it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world will recognize the benefits of a subscription management app!


About Me

Dependable. Honest. Professional.

Hello world!👋🏾
I would like to invite you to the world of crypto applications in which I see massive potential for personal gain and earnings. The world as we know it is slowly moving to paying with cards, internet, securities, it's time to overtake others and start creating the first path that others can follow later..when I got info for Revuto I immediately knew I was on the trail of something good, real, promising and now after the time spent with the Revuto team I am sure of it! Come and see for yourself! you will not regret it.                   Come and join me ..!!

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